three modalities,
one purpose.

An efficient recovery experience designed to deliver muscle release, detoxification and an overall reset in just 30 minutes.

+ increased mobility & flexibility
+ better agility & strength
+ relief from sore muscles
+ deeper sleep

one-to-one assisted stretching

Our stretch technique uses myofascial release to break up adhesions that form in the connective tissue, increasing mobility, range of motion and triggering the release of metabolic waste.

infrared sauna

Infrared saunas detoxify in a different way – warming the body from the inside out – to release toxins and promote oxygenation of cells through the skin.

NormaTec Boots

A competitive edge for elite athletes, frequent fliers or anyone on their feet for long stretches. NormaTec uses dynamic compression technology to accelerate recovery between trainings and after performance.

first timer?
try a 60-minute introductory session

choose two treatments $45
– assisted stretch
– infrared sauna
– NormaTec boots

($110 value)

pricing, flexible

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regular reset $109

2 stretches + 1 detox / month

strong + steady $199

4 stretches + 2 detox / month

deep repair* $379

8 stretches + 4 detox / month

stretch only $169

4 stretches / month



one-to-one assisted

single session: $65
5 sessions: $269
10 sessions: $499


infrared sauna or NormaTec

single session: $45
5 sessions: $189
10 sessions: $349
20 sessions: $659
30 sessions**: $899
bring a friend to the sauna: $15

**shareable/no charge to bring a friend to sauna

location, location,
& locations.

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first timer?

try an assisted stretch, plus either

  • infrared sauna
  • NormaTec compression
  • $45 ($110 value)

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